Nora Marie Back

aka Nono

born 1991.

I'm a luxembourgish artist, currently living in Germany.


In 2010 I finished school at the "Arts et Métiers" in Luxembourg, with "beaux arts" as subject. At the same school I added 2 years (BTS) of animation.

Then in Stuttgart I made my diploma at the "Filmakademie Baden Württemberg", in "Film & Media - Animation" in 2018.

I've been living and working in Stuttgart, as a freelance artist and animator, ever since.

My work include freelance jobs in animation, preferably hand drawn, and my own personal artistic projects. Drawing and painting is part of my daily routine and I am regularly on the look out for possibilities to exhibit and also sell my own work.

I have been known for my fantasy and anthropomorphic animal drawings and paintings, although since 2019 there is a shift to a more scientific or palpable choice of subject, such as anatomy, influenced by my own curiosity and wanting to step more into reality of life and it's emotions, it's complexity and how it functions, rather than building a fantasy world.


Please feel free to visit my gallery or contact me if you have questions, possible projects, etc.



April 2024 - "Luxcon", Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention in Luxembourg.


March 2024 - "Cakes and Zines", Queer-Feminist Art festival in Berlin.


May 2023 - "Metropol Con", Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention in Berlin.


April 2022 - "Luxcon", Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention in Luxembourg. Participated as artist and

was the poster Artist for that year.


March - April 2020 - "Salon des Arts", group exhibition with the "AEA" in Luxembourg


February - April 2020 - Group Exhibition with 4 other artists in "Böblingen" (Stuttgart GER), in the halls of the emergency clinic.


Juli - September 2019 - "Muster der Macht", group exhibition in the gallery of the Oberwelt e.v. in Stuttgart (GER)


April 2019 - "Art Lenster", Art Festival in "Junglinster" (LUX)


 October 2018 - Group Exhibition with 4 other artists in "Holzgerlingen" (GER), in a small castle.

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