Showreel - 2d Animation

None of both, but colourful!

2D Animation, Studentfilm, 4min, 2015
This is the translated Luxembourgish Version, my mother language.

If you wish to see the German OV, please visit the Filmakademie channel on YouTube.

None of both, but colourful! (OV: Keins von Beidem, sondern bunt!) is my second year film, which I made during my studies at the "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg". Each student was given (more or less) a semesters time to make a movie of his/her choice, it just needed to be experimental or animated.


I chose to make a short 2D animated film, as only animator on this project I used digital handdrawn animation and mixed it with traditional handdrawn watercolour Backgrounds. Part of the Team were a producer, Maximilian Höhnle, sounddesigner, Volker Armbruster and the music is from Meike Katrin Stein.

Copyright © Nora Marie Back