Showreel 2017 - 2d Animation

Ps.: Yes I would need a new showreel after so many years of working in animation.

But please, have a look at some of my projects or, if you're looking for an

animator, contact me for an animation test.


Flo is my personal diploma film from the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg. I wanted to make a very short, but on the point diploma film, which I can do solo and quickly, so that I can dedicate the rest of my diploma time to working as an animator on diploma projects of my fellow classmates. For me personally, working on different projects is what taught me the most in these years.

None of both, but colourful!

2D Animation, Studentfilm, 4min, 2015
This is the translated Luxembourgish Version, my mother language.

If you wish to see the German OV, please visit the Filmakademie channel on YouTube.

None of both, but colourful! (OV: Keins von Beidem, sondern bunt!) is my second year film, which I made during my studies at the "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg". Each student was given (more or less) a semesters time to make a movie of his/her choice, it just needed to be experimental or animated.


I chose to make a short 2D animated film, as only animator on this project I used digital handdrawn animation and mixed it with traditional handdrawn watercolour Backgrounds. Part of the Team were a producer, Maximilian Höhnle, sounddesigner, Volker Armbruster and the music is from Meike Katrin Stein.

FRITZI - Eine Wendewundergeschichte!

Trailer taken from YouTube, as example.

In 2018, immediately after my diploma, I was lucky enough to be part of the team that animated the movie "Fritzi - Eine Wendewundergeschichte". I got to work with the team from Stuttgart, Studio Filmbilder, as an animator.

After this followed a few more projects from Studio Filmbilder, which I was part of, mostly as animator and animatic artist.
For example the children series Patchwork Pals in 2019 and Animanimals in 2021.

Other projects I worked on

The following are projects I have worked on, either for a few shots (seconds) or for a specific stage, like animatics etc. The videos here are simply implemented from YouTube and serve as examples of the finished projects.


Musicvideo: Rauchen von Ina Müller
Storyboard / Animatic

Musicvideo: Eichhörnchentag von Ina Müller
Storyboard / Animatic

Musicvideo: Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
Animation / Coloring

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