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You can buy my coloring book "Peaceful Giants" on amazon or by clicking on the link!

"Peaceful Giants" -Coloring Books


In 2019 I finally decided to create and self publish my first coloring book "Peaceful Giants".

For this book I created a world, full of fantasy creatures with creative patterns to color in. These creatures are giants in their world, living peacefully among other living beings, which will be part of the second tome!

To have complete artistic freedom, I chose to self publish via KDP on Amazon. I will do the same with the second book.

These coloring projects allow me, to continue to explore my fantasy worlds, in a fun and playful manner, and I hope these books give the people who purchase them a lot of joy in coloring and discovering those worlds.

In 2021 finally, the second book was created, more centered around the cultures and people who live among these giants in this fantasy world.

Some examples of my art. If you want to see more, please visit the Gallery

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